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Leather & Lifestyle

We have 2 distinct leather brands which are both meticulously created at our leather atelier in Birgu, on the island of Malta. 
The Birgu Blue Leather Collection is defined by vibrant colours and pret-a-porter leather accessories, inspired by Maltese identity and Mediterranean island living. Our collection keeps growing, as we add new designs, and maintain our classics. 
The Oz Leather Atelier is our premium leather brand. The Oz Collection is bespoke, and every item is handmade using exclusive, premium Tuscan vegetable-tanned leather. Any garment bearing the Oz name is rigorously hand-made, produced one at a time, and unique every time. It is the epitome of luxury defined by hours of work and excellent craftsmanship, where every object takes on the status of a work of art. 

One at a Time, Unique Every Time

Birgu Blue is a traditional ‘bottega’ where every bag and leather accessory is still done largely by the hands of one master leather artisan. Our atelier defies modernity and goes ‘against the grain’ of modern production lines and hurried processes for economies of scale. It offers luxury defined through days of work for every item produced in-house, one at a time, unique every time.

Quality, design, practicality and refinement are fundamental to our leather atelier, personified by our historic boutique situated in Birgu next to Valletta, & Malta’s first home to the chivalrous Order of the Knights of St John.

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