Workshops conducted by Indian jewellery designer Sonam Sakhuja will be held at our ‘bottega’ in Birgu.  “Surrounded by beauty and skill around us, we are going to dive into the artist present within all of us.” 

A glimpse of what design is and how to interpret your vision into jewelry is what these workshops are going to be all about. Rome-Munich based Indian Jewellery designer Sonam Sakhuya will be our next artist in residence for the entire month of April. Sonam believes stories are the main essence of jewelry.

“Growing up in India around a sculptor father and a painter mother helped engrain Indian flair and imagination in her designs, incorporating both emotion and creation.”
Two workshop types will be held. The first will touch upon the art of creative thinking through dissecting your inspirations and mind mapping, “We will begin the creation with basic sketching > wax sculpting/modelling > finishing techniques > final wax prototype.

By the end of the workshop, you’ll meet the artist within you and be rewarded with an original brass pendant, along with the wax model created by the workshop participants” explains Sonam.

In the second workshop, somewhat more advanced, participants will design and craft an original accessory for a universal bag strap.
While going through the inspiration and conceptual design of an elaborate accessory drawn from Sonam’s own experience with Indian mythology, we will begin the creation with brainstorming concepts > basic sketching > wax sculpting/modelling > finishing techniques > final wax prototype.
By the end of the workshop, participants will be able to see the “Why” behind every design you come across, meet the artist within, and be rewarded with the original metal accessory designed by Sonam and mounted on a crossbody bag strap, along with the wax model created during the workshop. Individual attention is provided to a maximum of 2 participants per workshop session. Tools and materials are provided. The workshop will be accompanied by a presentation, where participants will learn about one of the oldest metal casting techniques that are used to cast jewels. Refreshing Ceylon tea is offered to the workshop participants.
What’s included
Drinks Tea, or coffee / water
Equipment: Tools and material (Beeswax/soldering lamp) will be provided.
Workshop Location: We will conduct our workshop in our atelier-boutique Birgu Blue, a wonderful space with lovely stone arches and high ceilings over 400 years old. You will sit around a traditional carpenter’s bench with me and we will use the workbench for your hands-on jewellery design and making session.

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