From the quality of the leather, to cutting and assembly, right down to the thread and stitching, we strive for excellence. Like the traditional Italian ‘bottega‘, our leather atelier is run by our master craftsman Oz Chien, who learnt the secrets of the trade side by side with some of the most respected Italian luxury leather houses, and who qualified in design in the best schools of Milan and Rome.

The design – distinctly simple and minimal, our designs apply a purity of style that enhances the materials’ beauty, giving our creations a timeless allure. Our designs blend the inspiration drawn from the island’s rugged terrain and textures with the crafting expertise to create unique leather products.

The saddle stitch –  the saddle stitch is a hand-sewn process involving two needles, which ensures that each individual stitch is double-facing. “I love the moment when I stitch. It is when I am engaged in a perfectly silent state of mind. I feel time is frozen and my mind is extremely clear. I find peace within” – Oz Chien, Master Leathersmith, Birgu Blue.

Cutting – We only work with natural leathers for our luxury products. Cutting is a critical step in the process, requiring great skill and respect for the material.

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