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Tangerine Marmalade


Tangerine Marmalade is lovingly prepared by “With Love From Our Kitchen”, a Maltese, artisanal kitchen producing seasonal home-made jams and chutneys.  Owner and food gastronome Andrea Critien harvests her marvellous fresh fruit, vegetables and herbs sourced directly from her garden in the Maltese, rural village of Qrendi.

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“With Love From Our Kitchen” is a Maltese, artisanal kitchen and farm producing seasonal home-made jams and chutneys. Based in the quaint rural village of Qrendi, in the South of Malta, food gastronome Andrea Critien loves spending time in her kitchen developing new recipes and working with marvellous fresh fruit, vegetables and herbs mostly sourced from her own pesticide-free garden and adjacent fields.

Only fair trade brown sugar and apple cider vinegar are added in the preservation process, and slow-cooked over long hours to thicken the texture without artificial agents and chemical additives or colourings.

Local tangerines
Brown sugar


Tangerine Marmalade
Simply spread over toast, pancakes or scones. You can also pour it over yogurt, ice cream, or mix with oats, served with some nuts.

Once opened, keep in the refrigerator, and consume within four months of opening. Always use a dry spoon. Please refer to the expiry date written on the label.

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