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Oz 100% Hand-Stitched Tailor-Made Watch Strap


Your watch is THE top everyday carry item. Our 100% hand-stitched leather watch straps are a premium luxury accessory featuring great precision, the finest full-grain leather, and beautiful hand-stitching to create a unique heritage-quality garment.

The watch strap is fully tailor-made and personalized. Your watch is required to be able to take precise measurements and craft your watch strap to fit your prized possession.

Send us an ‘Enquiry’ here below to fix an appointment at our Atelier.


Watch straps can take your watch to the next level. A watch is THE top everyday carry item for most men, especially business professionals. Our handcrafted leather watch straps feature smooth full-grain leather, creating a heritage-quality watch strap with handsome, minimalist vibes.

Enjoy switching up the look of your watch with different colors. Each tone is individualized to highlight different colours and showcase a different facet of your personality.

Additional information

Leather colour

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Thread colour

Black, Cream, Brown, Blue, Red, Yellow