Introducing the new Summer Bag Collection 2021

We’re delighted to give you a glimpse of our first Leather Bag Collection! Inspired by the perfection of Maltese vernacular architecture and crafted in exotic textured leather skins, the collection can be viewed at Malta’s most prestigious and exclusive luxury boutique property Iniala Harbour House on St. Barbara Bastions, Valletta.

All bags are artistic, one-off pieces, hand-stitched to perfection by our in-house designer and leather master, Ozzy Chien. This is the first bag collection for BIRGU BLUE, which is an independent atelier workshop, specialising in personalised and hand-stitched designed leather goods. Different collections include ready-made small leather goods and one-off customized pieces. 

Ozzy Chien is a Taiwanese artist and designer who lives permanently on Malta. His inspirations are drawn from his Asian background. Minimal decorations, clean and sharp outlines.
“I am often more interested in exploring structures and constructions than patterns and prints, thus, my designs are very architectural. For me, experiments and inventions on new structures and constructions are more innovative and adventurous than just using old or new prints or patterns on existing objects.”
The ELEMENTS Collection
This new collection is fully focused on fundamental elements of art and geometrical shapes. Combined one-off vintage or designed brass pieces with precious exotic leather make these items unique. The idea of taking objects out of their context and repurposing them into bags is the most interesting part of the collection. The collection is entirely hand-stitched.
The Diamond Handbag

Black, defined by science as the absence of colour, comes to life in this bag through the use of texture. The Diamond Bag defines black through texture rather than hue, through the playful use of two different leather types – genuine Australian sand python leather and vegetable-tanned cow leather. Australian sand python is known for its consistent pattern and resistant surface. Its perfectly balanced geometric shape is softened by the clever use of a vintage brass handle, which gives this piece a unique personality.

The bag is fully lined. It is combined with a one-off traditional Maltese vintage pure brass door handle. The bag is hand-stitched.

The Hexagon handbag
Indian mythology features strongly in our new designer bag collection, particularly so in the Hexagon Bag.  Half-animal & half-human, this individually-made handle cast in brass was specially made for this bag. Constructed with two materials, genuine python leather, and vegetable-tanned cow leather. The python retains the natural pattern. The bag is fully lined. Combined with one-off designed pure brass piece by jewelry designer Sonam Sakhuja. The bag is hand-stitched. 

This bag is an absolute stunner. A true statement, with its very special sculptured brass handle inspired by Indian deities, its lush snakeskin and vegetable-tanned leather, and unique geometric shape. A one-off piece merging art with fashion.

The Triangle Cellphone Pouch
Shaped like a wooden wedge & tapered at the front, the wedge is the simplest of designs with a fundamental function. It can unite or separate when placed in between two objects. A trait de liaison of sorts, this bag has a strong message to convey in today’s world.  Constructed with vegetable-tanned cow leather. Combined with a pure brass ring for either a cross-body strap or hooking onto the belt. The pouch is hand-stitched.


Leather for Life

Our unique leatherware is hand-stitched to last a lifetime. Every garment is carefully crafted and individually made by hand by Ozzy, our in-house leather master craftsman.

Our credo is clear. Design is our commodity. We produce it in leather. Creating rather than following. Merging simplicity with practicality.

Every design is our own and made by us in our atelier, not in a factory. Hand-stitching is our trademark.

We pass on the skills in our workshops and assert no time pressure on the leather stitching process and the manual handling required to craft every garment. Which is why our quality is second to none and our objects are built to last a lifetime.

No job is too big for us, and you can custom-make your leather garment by calling at our boutique and discussing your requirements directly. You can view our leather gift collection and place your order online. Remember, you buy it once, it lasts a lifetime!


The Wizard of Oz

Our in-house leather artisan is called Ozzy. He is not Australian. But he sure is a wizard and a master in the art of leather-making!

Taiwanese-born Ozzy Chien works with cow hides. He knows his hides better than anyone else. He can craft anything using his hands, with the aid of simple tools which he’s mastered. He refuses to use machinery, and resists going commercial, prizing craftsmanship over profit. Like the Maltese, he is an islander, coming from that distant island called Taiwan, which like Malta, belies its size for exceptional talent and resources. He knows the sea, and is inspired by it. Which is why his designs and leather creations are the perfect fit for our boutique.

Watch Ozzy here in a typical day at our atelier!

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